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Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions
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What should I know about a card before buying a card? (0f13c)
In order to make sure you are getting a fair deal, you should always ask the
following questions:

  • What is the per-minute rate for calls within the U.S.?

  • What is the per-minute rate for calls to my international destination?

  • Are the rates the same 24 hours a day?

  • Is there a higher rate for the first minute than subsequent minutes?

  • Will I be charged for calls that are not completed?

  • Are there any connection fees or surcharges?

  • Are there any monthly/weekly maintenance fees?

  • Is there a connection fee for international calls? If so, how much?

  • Can I place more than one call without redialing the PIN?

  • Will I be notified when one minute is remaining?

  • Can I reach a customer service operator 24 hours a day?

  • When does the card expire?

Who should use a prepaid phone card? (95e9c)
International callers, business people, travelers, students, payphone users and anybody seeking to dramatically reduce their home or business long distance phone bill.

Why should I use a prepaid phone card? (7e02c)


  • 1st-USA.com can save you up to 80% on your long distance calling.

  • Use a calling card at hotels to avoid expensice per minute rates and surcharges.
    A phone call from a hotel without a prepaid calling card can cost $1.00 or more per minute.

  • Students often do not have any access to long distance service in dorms. When they do, it is
    often expensive. A prepaid calling card typically cost less than dialing long distance from a
    dorm phone.

  • Travelers can use 1st-USA.coms to call to and from the U.S. to
    virtually any country in the world and from the World back to the U.S.

  • Cellular phone users will save when using prepaid 1st-USA.coms for international calling.

  • Phonecards provide convenience if you must use a phone but are caught without change or other

  • Parents find phonecards a great way to make sure their children can call home, from anywhere, anytime they need.

  • Businesses find that distributing phonecards to their traveling employees is a convenient and inexpensive way to handle their
    long-distance needs.

Can I earn money/discounts by referring my friends? (803fe)
Yes! You can refer friends by using our Refer-a-Friend form. All 1st-USA.com customers are able to use this money saving feature. We also offer a free affiliate program that will allow you to earn significant commissions on sales that you generate. Learn more here.

Can I use a phone card anywhere? (b423d)
1st-USA.com offers calling cards that will allow you to call to virtually any country worldwide from the U.S. We also offer cards that will allow you to call from over 130 countries worldwide back to the U.S. at rates typically much less than if dialed direct. You can also use calling cards with virtually all cellular networks and payphones, but you should check first before placing a call. Find a card perfect for your needs by using the rate finder atop this page or any page within the website.

Are there any extra charges when I use my phonecard from payphones, hotels, or other (6deef)
Yes. Some phone owners charge additional fees to your card when you use their private phone networks. Such fees may be up to 50 cents. As required by the FCC, it will be automatically deducted from your card. (many states require phone owners to post the amount of this charge on their phones).

Can I add more time to my card (recharge PIN)? (98f6b)
Yes! Adding more minutes or "recharging" your PIN is a convenient feature offered by many of the calling cards that we sell on our website. You can recharge online 24/7! For even more convenience, some of our cards also offer a PINless dialing feature.

How will I know if I've used up the value of the prepaid calling card? (b68c1)
At the beginning of each call a message will indicate how many minutes/dollars are left on your card. A warning tone may sound during your phone call to indicate you are nearing the end of your available minutes. Once used up, you should purchase a new card or recharge your PIN. Plan ahead and make sure that you have enough minutes to make your call.

Where can I find instructions for my phone card? (90540)
You can find calling instructions for your card here. Click on the appropriate card image to go to the corresponding product page for the information you need. You can also refer to the receipt email sent to you at the time of your purchase.

Where can I find the Access Number or Customer Service Number for my card? (CXPUA)
You can find your card's access number or customer service number on our website by clicking through to your card's product page, on your receipt email or by clicking here.

Can I call from the Bahamas using your phone cards? (QMVAQ)
Some cards allow calls from the Bahamas, but only from limited locations or payphones. As a result, we choose not to advertise such cards in order to avoid confusion by customers who might purchase one and be disappointed when they arrive in the Bahamas and find that the card does not work properly. Our Verizon (MCI) Traveler phone card, however, will work from certain payphones. Please carefully read the instructions on that card before leaving for the Bahamas. The telecom provider in the Bahamas operates as a monopoly from the Bahamian government, which is why it is difficult to find a reliable calling card in the United States.

Can I use your phone cards to make a phone call from outside of the United States? (YTNKU)
Yes. A few of our phone cards will allow you to make a phone call from outside of the United States. Please be sure the details clearly state it may be used to make a phone call from outside of the United States (called International Origination). We recommend the Globetrotter, World Traveler and AT&T phone cards.


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