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Products > Card Performance

What should I do if the quality of my connection is poor? (BXADQ)
Please hang up and try your call again. In rare circumstances a connection may have static or poor quality. If you have lost minutes, please call the customer service number for the carrier, listed on the product detail page and in your PIN email. Typically carriers will instantly credit up to 3 minutes for call quality issues. If you continue your conversation beyond that, however, the carrier assumes the call was satisfactory.

What if my card's toll-free access number is busy or down? (DDKJB)
Please try dialing again. A toll-free number may be inaccessible when calling card switching equipment is being tested or upgraded. Such issues are typically short in duration and after a short while the toll-free access number will be accessible again.

Why didn’t my call connect? (MZZQG)
Due to international lines and call capacity we can only advise that you try your call again in 10 minutes. This is a rare occurrence, most likely to occur during peak calling times, such as Mother’s Day and New Year’s Eve. Most capacity issues are resolved within this time span. Please call customer service located in the email with your PIN if the problem persists.


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