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My Account > Have Not Received PIN

Why did I receive a phone call about my order? (BPDPM)
Our security software randomly selected your order for a manual review by one of our customer support representatives (CSR). This is done to further protect our customers against fraudulently placed orders; orders placed without their knowledge or consent.

What does it mean if my order is pending for order verification? (KYMRS)
Most orders are fulfilled instantly (Instant PIN Delivery), however, our security software randomly selects some orders to be manually verified. Your order will show as "pending" during this period. This process further enables us to thwart fraudulent orders from being placed.

Why haven’t I received my PIN? (RATTZ)
A small percentage of customers placing their first order will be contacted by our staff, typically within 10 minutes during business hours. This occurs whenever there is a question about the credit card information supplied or an order is flagged for review to safeguard against fraudulent purchases.

Occasionally we have found that PIN emails are misplaced in the “bulk� or “spam� folders on certain free email services, such as Yahoo or Hotmail.

If your PIN receipt email is not in your SPAM, BULK or JUNK email folder, please login to your account now and click on the “Resend PIN� button. Please be sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure prompt delivery of your PIN email and dialing instructions.

Orders that have been delivered can be reviewed in the “My Account� section of our website at any time. Before calling or emailing, please log in to your account to see if the information is available to you. In most cases in which PINs have not been received, we find that delays relating to mail servers or spam filters are the cause—and you can see those PINs by logging in to the website.


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